Difficulties That You Can Encounter After Creating Yahoo Account

Yahoo mail account is one of the oldest and still the fastest means of mail delivery platform in the world. It is used both by the corporates and the individuals to connect them to the best mailing service in the world.

To create yahoo account is an easy process. All you need to do is go to www.yahoo.com and click on ‘Create an Account’. Here you need to give simple details and select and answer security questions. Choose your preferred e-mail address and if that is taken by someone else then choose from the suggestions that Yahoo provides.

Difficulties After Creating Yahoo Account – How to Fix Problems with Yahoo Mail:

Once it is chosen, click on register my account. You will then receive a summary of your Yahoo sign up or registration detail and you are good to go. Just log in to your account and start enjoying all the benefits that come along with it.

Sometimes you might encounter some problems when you have to access your account and one of these happen.
• You don’t remember your Yahoo id or password.
• You get the message as ‘Account is locked’.
• You are using the right id and password but still can’t sign in.

Difficulties After Creating Yahoo Account

These are the common problems, which very easy to troubleshoot. Let’s tackle them one by one.

1. If you forgot yahoo password, just click on forgot password link and a new password will be sent to your registered mobile number or alternate email id. If both these options are not working, then choose the security question that you had opted for while registering and on answering that question right you will get a new password.

2. If you forgot your Yahoo id then enter the mobile number or alternate email address associated with your account and Yahoo will send you a message with your Yahoo id.

3. Yahoo has a safety feature, which temporarily locks your account if there are too many unsuccessful attempts to sign in. This lock automatically gets lifted after 12 hours, but in case it is you who was trying to sign in and the account got locked then you can also regain access immediately by taking help of sign-in helper.

4. If in spite of using the right combination of user id and password, you still can’t sign in, then try signing in using a different supported browser. Sometimes, the problem is not with the account, but with the browser. If you can sign in with the same id and password using a different browser, then try to fix the problem in your preferred one. You can do this by checking if your browser is the latest version. Sometimes, using old version creates the trouble. Sometimes, the field of password and id gets automatically filled, but you might not be able to log in since you have changed the password and the record is not updated with the browser.

These are very common yahoo login problems that keep coming up, but the good news is that Yahoo support is very reliable and helps you troubleshoot them in no time.

Difficulties That You Can Encounter After Creating Yahoo Account
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