Yahoo two-step Verification – How to Protect Your Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Two-step Verification: These days, there is a big cause of concern among all the online users that the email accounts are not very secure and hackers can get access to your mail accounts if they are pretty good. This is something scary and something had to be done about it. There have been situations wherein people’s email accounts have been hacked in the past and all their personal information was used for all the possible unethical acts. The email service providers have now taken some extra precautions in order to prevent any such act and have come up with a strict verification process. If you are unable to login to yahoo mail then how to recovery Forgot Yahoo Password

Enable Two-step Verification

How Do You Turn on the Yahoo Two-step Verification?

One of the oldest websites online, Yahoo is among most hugely used mail platform across the world by millions of people. Yahoo now has a two-step verification process for accessing the mail as a precaution and with the intention of providing extra security to the user mail accounts.

If you have been tensed and scared about how secure your emails are, now you can relax as Yahoo has the two-step verification process active. This is to add an extra layer of security to your account. This process makes use of your password as well as an additional security code for verifying your original identity when you log into your Yahoo account.

Yahoo Two-step Verification

Assume that someone tries to access your account and even if they get your password right, they still cannot access your account if they fail during the two-step verification. This process will only show up when you have cleared all the cookies from your browser and open a new page. So, it is advised that you clear the browsing history every time you go offline. One more thing you have to keep in mind is that the yahoo two-step verification process does not work with most of the 3rd party apps like Outlook, Android Mail and so on even if the option is activated. In order to access these apps, you will have to regenerate app-specific passwords.

Steps to Enable Yahoo Two-step Verification?

  • First, you will have to sign into your Yahoo account information page and then go to the account security option.
  • You will now find the option two-step verification under the Account Security option.
  • You can now check the Yahoo two-step verification option.
  • Give your mobile number.
  • In order to enable the Yahoo two-step verification, you will have to verify your mobile number. Therefore, choose the option to receive an SMS for receiving a text message along with a verification code.
  • Once you receive the code on your message, just add in the code to the page and click on the option “verify”. You are now verified.

Connecting to Yahoo Account with 3rd Party Apps:

Some of the 3rd party apps do not work with the yahoo 2-step verification and therefore you will have to get an app-specific password for connecting with Yahoo. It is always a good idea to have this option enabled as it will provide extra security and protect your mail account.