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Yahoo Customer Service: Yahoo is one of the most prominent internet based company who is providing amazing services and products across the globe. Some of its famous products include; Yahoo mail, Yahoo Search Engine, Yahoo Messenger, Yahoo Shopping, Yahoo Maps and much more.

Are you among the Apple device user searching for a number of iPhone Customer Service in India? If yes than then is the best solution for you.

Since it is a digital company offers digital products and services so it is common that you may encounter different technical issues while using Yahoo services. So to overcome such situations, Yahoo allows you to come up with your technical issues and queries hit them up on Live Chat, Mail or Help section or you can get to know about their customer service more in this article.

How Do You Contact Yahoo Customer Service?

Yahoo Customer Service does not have any longer access to reach you directly through telecommunication or via email, only in the situation when you are a small Business Customer. In this post, I will share with you a guide on Yahoo Customer Service. Most of the common questions that have been come across with the answers through the product help center or the Yahoo users into the help community. One the best way to get the response from the Yahoo Customer Service is via message on Twitter or through the Facebook page.

If you cannot get served with Live Chat or Emails then I would recommend you to use the follow Yahoo Customer Care numbers and I can assure you that your issues will be addressed. By talking to their representatives, you can clearly specify and address your queries directly to the representative and chances of solving your issues are way waste than using any other medium for a solution.

Yahoo Customer Service

So below I have listed the numbers of Customer Care of Yahoo to help you guys out.

Common Issues Users Encounter:

Here I have listed some of the common issues which user encounter while using Yahoo services or products some of them are as follows;

  • Forgot Yahoo Password
  • Can’t Login to the account
  • Errors While shopping from Yahoo Shopping
  • Emails are not being sent
  • Can’t contact Chat

These are few common issues which users face and to address those issues Yahoo has included Yahoo Customer Care for such users.

Yahoo Customer Service Details:

Below I have listed about the amazing specialties about Yahoo Customer care which will help you to know more about their staff.

  • 24 X 7 Customer support – They are available all the time to address your queries
  • Experienced Representatives – They have experienced representative to address your issues and queries
  • They Listen – Before suggesting they calmly listen to your problem
  • Friendly – They are really friendly and amazing team of people.

Get Assistance from Yahoo Customer Service Help Center:

As you might have also noticed, most of the Email forms have only provided for reporting malicious activity. There is no such thing as the direct email address for providing you the general customer support.

Instead, you have to go for trying out for the top part of the page to figure out your specific problems. Make sure that you put those relevant keywords like password and locked account or some other related with your issues of Yahoo customer service.

Try the password resetting tool in the case you forgot your password:

Use your automated password reset tool for changing your password and reset it with a new one password. You must take care that your phone number or additional email address must be linked to your yahoo account to enable this kind of tool.

Try asking questions to the community members of Yahoo:

To get the Yahoo customer service, you can also try asking questions to the community members of Yahoo, to those who are the regular user of the Yahoo community discussions. In this method, you will be getting the answer more quickly than any other methods available for getting Yahoo customer support. One more thing that you must remember while trying this method you must provide any of your personal information provided into email account such as passwords.


So if you have any issues then feel free to contact them using above mentioned number and you will definitely get served. Do share the list of this Contact numbers of Yahoo with others who might be looking for the same and your share may help them out.

Forgot Yahoo Password – How to Recover Yahoo Mail Password

Forgot Yahoo Password: Being one of the world’s top 3 best search engines, We can expect an excellent service from Yahoo. Few of the best service are like Flickr, which is an image and video hosting site which was owned by Yahoo on March 20th, 2005. And similarly, Tumblr is also a microblogging platform and a social networking website which was acquired by Yahoo on 17th May 2013 these two are a Yahoo brands as Yahoo acquired them.

And taking a note of the Yahoo brands, It includes services like Yahoo Advertising which is an excellent example of advertising services which also includes Yahoo Search Marketing, Yahoo Publish Network, and much more other services. Next, I am going to explain how to get forgot yahoo password.

Forgot Yahoo Password – Steps to Recover Yahoo Password:

So in case, you have forgotten you Yahoo mail password you can use the steps to easily login back into your Yahoo mail. To do that you will need to follow the steps I have included below:

Forgot Yahoo Password

Forgot Yahoo Password

If you have a Secret Question which you have setup on your own, then you will need to access that option does provide with the correct answer t get access back into the account. To do that you will need to follow this step:

  • Go to the Yahoo’s Contact Page and Select the Password and sign in.
  • Under this subcategory select the Forgot Password and then Click on the Password Helper.
  • Now you will simply need to answer the question correctly get access back in the account.

Now it can be possible that you have forgotten the answer to the question or you haven’t even set the question and in a situation like this what you can do is the following:

  • Go to the Password Helper and click on the email address or on the option which says “I don’t know my Yahoo email address.”
  • Now if you have a mobile number set for your mail then it will show you, now if you have set this then click on the number and a confirmation code will be sent to the number. Or now you will need to Click on,  can’t receive text.
  • Now you will also be able to see, and alternative email id which you can choose from in case you have set it. If you have access to the email, then click on yes.
  • Also, you can click on the “Recover access to your Yahoo account” in which case confirmation will be sent to your email.

Now in both the ways when you receive the confirmation code, you will need to enter it in the email code place and that’s it. And today we are going to talk about the Best service provided by the Yahoo services that are the Yahoo Mail service.

Best Services by

  1. Yahoo Answer is also yet another brand by Yahoo, which is a simple yet effective community-driven site where you will get services that include questioning and answering system.
  2. Yahoo is also an effective car buying and search engine which they provide through Yahoo!Auto.
  3. For all the software developers out there, if you are facing any problem then you can simply take help from Yahoo! Developer Network. This offers a lot of resources even for new developers.
  4. Now if you are into stock quotes and Stock Exchange, then you can go for Yahoo Finance.
  5. And if you are into studying or researching about earth’s geography then Yahoo!GeoPlanet can be very resourceful for you.
  6. For all real Estate dealer or who are looking to buy a new property then you can opt for Yahoo!Homes
  7. If you are into a buying local business goods, then Yahoo can be helpful for you as you will be able to find all local business with their goods and services even with a review.
  8. One of the most amazing features that you will be able to avail from Yahoo is the Yahoo!Mail service which you can enjoy using many premium features that are available on other mail service providers as paid option.
  9. Since 2012, Bing powers the Yahoo! Search engine.

So these were the list of few of the best services provided by Yahoo and since the beginning of Yahoo, there has been a lot of services which have been excluded from poor services or for being outdated.

Forgot Yahoo Mail Password

About Yahoo Mail Service & Sign in Process:

Yahoo Mail service which you can enjoy using many premium features that are available on other mail service providers as paid option. According to the comScore database, Yahoo mail had over 281 million users, the services that you will be able to avail of the Yahoo mail services are the email service, note taking, contacts and the Yahoo Messenger integration and with this unique features Yahoo mail turned out to be the 3rd best mail service provider in the World.

How to Signup into Mail:

So now let me show you how easily you signup into the Yahoo mailing service and start enjoying the features:

  • Just like any other mail sign up you will need to provide with all the personal information that are shown in the image below.

Signup into Yahoo Mail

  • Then you have to click on the Continue, and then you will be provided with a window where you have to provide with the verification number on your provided phone number or any other phone number.
  • Then you will receive a 5 Digit confirmation code immediately or Call me with an Account Key.
  • Now you will need to enter the code which is available on the next page and click on verify.
  • And then you will follow up with another window with a Congratulations! Text confirming your Sign Up, click on Let’s get started.

And so that’s it you have successfully signed up into Yahoo Mail.

Yahoo Login – How to Sign into Yahoo Mail:

  • First You will need to go to the signup page.
  • Now click on the box that’s under the words; Yahoo! ID.
  • Now type in your email address and then click on the Tab button your keyboard.
  • Type in your Password.
  • And simply click on Sign In.

And that’s it; you have successfully signed into Yahoo Mail.

Now that you have successfully Signed into the Yahoo Mailing account. It can sometimes happen that you forget yahoo password and in this cases. There is an easy way to get back your password too. So lets about how you can easily get back into your Yahoo mail account if you forgot yahoo password.

This is how easy it is to Recover Lost Yahoo Mail account. If you have any doubt then comment below.

Difficulties That You Can Encounter After Creating Yahoo Account

Yahoo mail account is one of the oldest and still the fastest means of mail delivery platform in the world. It is used both by the corporates and the individuals to connect them to the best mailing service in the world.

To create yahoo account is an easy process. All you need to do is go to and click on ‘Create an Account’. Here you need to give simple details and select and answer security questions. Choose your preferred e-mail address and if that is taken by someone else then choose from the suggestions that Yahoo provides.

Difficulties After Creating Yahoo Account – How to Fix Problems with Yahoo Mail:

Once it is chosen, click on register my account. You will then receive a summary of your Yahoo sign up or registration detail and you are good to go. Just log in to your account and start enjoying all the benefits that come along with it.

Sometimes you might encounter some problems when you have to access your account and one of these happen.
• You don’t remember your Yahoo id or password.
• You get the message as ‘Account is locked’.
• You are using the right id and password but still can’t sign in.

Difficulties After Creating Yahoo Account

These are the common problems, which very easy to troubleshoot. Let’s tackle them one by one.

1. If you forgot yahoo password, just click on forgot password link and a new password will be sent to your registered mobile number or alternate email id. If both these options are not working, then choose the security question that you had opted for while registering and on answering that question right you will get a new password.

2. If you forgot your Yahoo id then enter the mobile number or alternate email address associated with your account and Yahoo will send you a message with your Yahoo id.

3. Yahoo has a safety feature, which temporarily locks your account if there are too many unsuccessful attempts to sign in. This lock automatically gets lifted after 12 hours, but in case it is you who was trying to sign in and the account got locked then you can also regain access immediately by taking help of sign-in helper.

4. If in spite of using the right combination of user id and password, you still can’t sign in, then try signing in using a different supported browser. Sometimes, the problem is not with the account, but with the browser. If you can sign in with the same id and password using a different browser, then try to fix the problem in your preferred one. You can do this by checking if your browser is the latest version. Sometimes, using old version creates the trouble. Sometimes, the field of password and id gets automatically filled, but you might not be able to log in since you have changed the password and the record is not updated with the browser.

These are very common yahoo login problems that keep coming up, but the good news is that Yahoo support is very reliable and helps you troubleshoot them in no time.

Yahoo Mail on iPhone – How to Add Yahoo mail to iPhone Using IMAP

How to Setup Yahoo Mail on iPhone:Yahoo is one of the importance faces of the email industry because it was one among the first few email providers to carry away the internet world by storm. Even prior to the introduction of new and advanced email servers, this name had been the leader in the business. With the recent advancements in mobile technology, it’s become common for email users to sync their accounts on their smartphones so that they can have access to their emails always. The same is the case with Yahoo as well. People look for ways to perform Yahoo Login from their smartphones.

In the last few years, Apple’s iPhones have earned a lot of popularity and boasts of a vast range of users. This is why it’s common to see many users trying to learn how to set up their iPhone to work with Yahoo login. Yahoo Mail app is an option that’s available to do this. If not, you can try the other manual ways. Though it’s possible to use IMAP or POP3 to set up the account, IMAP is a more efficient way to do it. Here’s how to set up your Yahoo account on iPhone using IMAP.

Steps to Yahoo Mail on iPhone/iPad:

Yahoo Mail on iPhone

Follow this simple stepwise process to set up your Yahoo account on your Apple smartphone.

  • Select Settings from the home screen of your device.
  • Click on Mail > Contacts > Calendars
  • Select Add Account in the Accounts option.
  • Select the type of your email account. To set up your email to function with IMAP, select ‘Other’.
  • Under the Mail option, choose Add Mail Account.
  • Enter the details that it prompts you to enter (Name, Address, Password, and Description). Here, you will have to enter your name, Yahoo email address, Yahoo password, and enter your mail description. Now, click on Next.
  • Choose IMAP. Get Steps on how to recover Forgot Yahoo Password
  • On the screen that follows, key in your Incoming Mail Server. You will need to enter the Host Name (, User Name (username for Yahoo mail), and Password (password for Yahoo mail). Click on Next.
  • On the next screen, key in your Outgoing Mail Server by entering the Host Name ( Optionally, you can also enter the User Name (username for Yahoo mail) and Password (password for Yahoo mail). Click on Next. Remember that the outgoing mail server needs verification with the same username and password that was used for the incoming mail server.
  • Now, you will get to see your Apple device display ‘Verifying’ as it tries to link to the Mail servers. Once the process is completed, it will show a screen with the name IMAP.
  • Choose your Notes as well as Mail. Click on Save.

That’s it! You can now start checking your Yahoo emails right on your iPhone. If you get stuck up anywhere in between the process or have any other doubt regarding Yahoo Mail on iPhone setup, do drop your queries in the comments section below.

Yahoo Sign in Problems – Solutions to the Yahoo Mail Login Problems

Yahoo Sign in Problems: Don’t get locked out from your Yahoo email account. Prevent your Yahoo sign-in problems by adding your mobile number to your account. We have seen many different instances wherein people are unable to access their account. Below is the list of password recovery steps you could try out if your Yahoo email account gets locked. Firstly check whether you have “Caps Lock” on or off. In Yahoo Mail, if Capslock is on you cannot login to your yahoo mail account and The second one you have to check is whether you have entered your yahoo account email address properly or not. That means check your “username” correct.

How to Fix Yahoo Sign in Problems:

Yahoo Sign in Problems

Forgot Yahoo Password:

If you forget your password, check Yahoo sign-in helper for troubleshooting all password problems. Type in your Yahoo ID in Yahoo sign-in to quickly recover your password in minutes
In case your problem persists even after trying the previous step, use “Problems using the password helper section”.

I Forgot My Yahoo ID:

If you don’t remember your Yahoo id, try out Sign-in Helper. Use alternative sign in a medium used such as a mobile number or alternate email address for recovery to receive an email id used in a mail to your alternate email id. Yahoo will send a message if you had provided a phone number.

I Think Someone Else Is Using My Account:

Reset your password instantly using Sign-in Helper if you feel suspicious about someone using your account without your knowledge.
Secure your hacked account once you create a new password to help review your hacked account settings for future safety.

“Invalid ID or Password” Message:

If you see this pop-up message, it means either your password or Yahoo ID is wrong or the combination itself is wrong when matched with the database available.
If the mail you’re trying to access using the login information is correct as per your knowledge, try the following methods:

“Caps Lock” or “Num Lock” Keys:

Make sure you haven’t accidently pressed any of those keys if you don’t have caps or number in your password or mistyped other letters in the password.

Yahoo sign in problems page

Browser Auto-Fill Settings:

If you have recently changed your password but your browser auto-fills the previously stored password, manually type the password to ensure the new credentials are used to access.
Change your password immediately if you’re sure that the password you entered is correct. Use the Sign-in helper to quickly change your password as this could be signs of someone accessing your account.

“First Time Signing in Here” Message:

When you access your email account using any device other than the ones you use regularly, Yahoo sends out one-time account access key to your registered mobile number or alternate email id to verify the user authentication.

“Account Locked” Message:

Yahoo protects your account and adds a temporary lock to your account if it witnesses suspicious login activity or unsuccessful login attempts.
The lock will automatically get uplifted after 12 hours of locked time issue; however, you could access your account instantly with proper credentials using Sign-In Helper.

I’m Using the Right Password and Yahoo ID, but I Still Can’t Sign In to Yahoo Mail:

Try to sign in using a different web browser if you still fail to access your account after following all the guidance in the “Invalid ID or Password” support section from this article.

If you could sign in using different supported web browser then the problem lies in a web browser and not with your Yahoo Email account. this is a tutorial on how to solve yahoo sign in problems if you have any doubt then comment below and stay tuned for more yahoo email support articles and updates.

Yahoo two-step Verification – How to Protect Your Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Two-step Verification: These days, there is a big cause of concern among all the online users that the email accounts are not very secure and hackers can get access to your mail accounts if they are pretty good. This is something scary and something had to be done about it. There have been situations wherein people’s email accounts have been hacked in the past and all their personal information was used for all the possible unethical acts. The email service providers have now taken some extra precautions in order to prevent any such act and have come up with a strict verification process. If you are unable to login to yahoo mail then how to recovery Forgot Yahoo Password

Enable Two-step Verification

How Do You Turn on the Yahoo Two-step Verification?

One of the oldest websites online, Yahoo is among most hugely used mail platform across the world by millions of people. Yahoo now has a two-step verification process for accessing the mail as a precaution and with the intention of providing extra security to the user mail accounts.

If you have been tensed and scared about how secure your emails are, now you can relax as Yahoo has the two-step verification process active. This is to add an extra layer of security to your account. This process makes use of your password as well as an additional security code for verifying your original identity when you log into your Yahoo account.

Yahoo Two-step Verification

Assume that someone tries to access your account and even if they get your password right, they still cannot access your account if they fail during the two-step verification. This process will only show up when you have cleared all the cookies from your browser and open a new page. So, it is advised that you clear the browsing history every time you go offline. One more thing you have to keep in mind is that the yahoo two-step verification process does not work with most of the 3rd party apps like Outlook, Android Mail and so on even if the option is activated. In order to access these apps, you will have to regenerate app-specific passwords.

Steps to Enable Yahoo Two-step Verification?

  • First, you will have to sign into your Yahoo account information page and then go to the account security option.
  • You will now find the option two-step verification under the Account Security option.
  • You can now check the Yahoo two-step verification option.
  • Give your mobile number.
  • In order to enable the Yahoo two-step verification, you will have to verify your mobile number. Therefore, choose the option to receive an SMS for receiving a text message along with a verification code.
  • Once you receive the code on your message, just add in the code to the page and click on the option “verify”. You are now verified.

Connecting to Yahoo Account with 3rd Party Apps:

Some of the 3rd party apps do not work with the yahoo 2-step verification and therefore you will have to get an app-specific password for connecting with Yahoo. It is always a good idea to have this option enabled as it will provide extra security and protect your mail account.